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Update - March 13

Here are some pictures of the believers in the city of Penco, Chile.  Their church was severely damaged in the earthquake, and they are meeting outdoors until it can be repaired.  I have asked if we can help in any way in the re-building and they are preparing an assessment of the damage and some estimates.



Update March 8

Brother Alvarez sends this update from the city of Concepcion, along with photos of the aftermath in that city, and of destruction in the building where he works.  I was privileged to be a guest in Brother Alvarez's home in 2007, and am glad to hear they are all well.

  When the earthquake started at 6:20 AM, the tremendous noise, the undulating movement, it was impossible to stand on my feet, but I raised my hands to my Shelter, the Solid Rock Jesus Christ. After 1:45 minutes and 8.8 degrees of intensity had stooped, the family gathered together on the first floor to thank our Savior for His protection, none of us was injured and our home had no damage.
  My son & I left to try making our way through the destroyed streets to get to Hualpen, to our Tabernacle. We passed by the Rio Alto building that collapsed, but we could not stop because our objective was to get to our building, we took quite long to get there, too much dust on the air, and finally when we got there I was relieved. As I approached, I could see the building was standing unharmed, so I raised my hands again and said thanks to God. We entered and verified that there was no internal damage.
  We have being trying to call most of the brothers and sisters and we are informed that they had not been injured and no damages in their homes.
I have also received information from the other Churches in the areas. It has been wonderful to receive calls from other pastors with whom I had not talked to for some time, brotherly Love makes us to know about our brothers in the Faith and we heard that They had just a few material damages and minor injuries, but not any serious situation.
  It's been a few days since the earthquake occurred, the calm is coming back, basic services are been restored, also food. We expect for a prompt return to normality, despite the fact that the earth continues moving.
  To conclude, we can say Thanks to the Lord, who is mighty and powerful and under His hand is the Earth and with His own hand has protected us, giving us a warning that judgement is coming, but giving us time to be prepared.
  From my heart thank you for your concern and the Christian love expressed to us also from other countries in the world. God bless you.
  Your Brothers & and pastor in trials & tribulations Rodolfo Alvarez

Click here for Brother Alvarez's photos:

Update - March 7

Brother Eliazar has sent us this update:

As previously reported, we went south, in a 3-car convoy, taking much-needed food and water to our brethren. We left the city of Chillan at 11:30 am on Thursday and found an endless line of traffic trying to get into the hardest hit area of Concepcion. There is a curfew in effect in our country from 6pm until noon the following day, leaving only 6 hours to get anything done. 
In the city of Penco we could see that they are already busy with the cleanup activities.  We received immediate reports that all the believers in the area were safe and sound. I stayed in Penco to assist in the delivery of food and water. Brother Belisario and Brother Peralta went on further to Talcahuano.
On the following day they were able to continue on to Lota, Arauco, Lebu, Curanilahue, Tres Pinos and Tubul.
Yesterday, Friday, they returned with the news that there are severe needs in those areas, especially in Lota and Tubul, where most of the believers’ homes were very badly damaged. 
Right here in Penco there was one home totally destroyed, where Bro. Jethro was living, but they were away in Arica at the time. But there was a young couple, Bro. Jonathan and his pregnant wife that were staying there, watching over the home for Bro. Jethro. When the earthquake occurred, Bro. Jonathan decided to get out and go back to his own home in the upper part of the city. Well praise the Lord they were gone because the entire house was swallowed up by the ocean. 
We are making an accounting with each family of the material damages and then come up with some figures, not only here in Penco but in all the affected areas where the believers are living. But we only have 6 hours in each day. 
We are doing all we can to assist with the basic needs of food, water and fuel. When we go to make purchases there are lines of more than three city blocks, and so when we finally get to the store, we are quite limited to the choices. That is all I have for now. Very soon I will be sending photos. Thank you for your prayers and concern. God bless you.
Bro. Eliazar

Update - March 5

We have the following update from Brother Jorge Flores:

We are in constant prayer for the needs of our people. The situation is difficult but not impossible. The worst thing right now is that some are suffering quite badly just from panic. And only God can bring consolation, but we continue to pray. The southern part of our country was the worst hit. We know that two Message churches were badly damaged; one just split in half and the other is reparable. 
We know of two houses that were simply lost to the sea. Another house is the home of one our local deacons, and the house is totally uninhabitable. We sent the deacon down there with $1000 to help fix her home.  
A brother in our church, the roof of his house fell in and we helped him with $300.
We have sent food and water to the believers in Contstitucion, a hard-hit town in the South. They are all safe and huddled together, that is 48 children and about 70 adults. Most of them are sleeping outside under makeshift conditions because the houses are in bad shape.
I am waiting for word from Pastor Pedro Peralta, who is from here in Santiago, but he went south with some other believers, taking food and water to those in need. He will be reporting back and hopefully bring some pictures I can send to you all. Please be in prayer also for my parents, my dad is 90 and my mother is 80 and we are having a hard time getting them out of the house so that we can proceed with much-needed repairs.  God bless you all. John 13:35

Update - March 3

A Brother Eliezer from Concepcion is departing with three carloads of food, water and volunteers to assist in the more hard-hit areas.  He will advise us of what needs he finds and have some photos of the damage soon.  Please remember their mission in your prayers.

2nd update - March 2

Brother Alvarez has just responded with additional information from the city of Concepcion:

Dear Brethren,

Thank you so much for your concern and your prayers for us. We know that the Lord God Almighty spoke that these things would happen and through His Son prophesied that there would be earthquakes in divers places. This time it was our turn. But His protective Hand freed us from any destruction. All the church is fine, as is also my family. My house and the church building did not suffer any damage. It seems unbelievable but it is the truth. Praise the Lord! It is now 7pm on Tuesday and we just now have electric power and internet; so that is why I could not respond earlier. The phone lines were also down. Please continue to pray for us; it is still shaking while I am writing.
From my heart, thank you for your concern and the Christian Love that has been expressed from all parts of Chile and overseas. God bless you all.
Bro. Rodolfo Alvarez

Update - March 2

We received the following update from Brother Jorge Flores, a pastor in the capitol city of Santiago:

Dear Brethren, greetings to all in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks for your prayers and inquiries.

This earthquake has brought us closer together in the Word.

Here amongst us locally in Santiago, only one sister suffered the loss of a portion of her house and another brother’s roof caved in. But there have been no reports of harm to any person.

At the very moment of the earthquake, I was in the town of Cartagena, only 150 meters from the edge of the ocean. The feeling was like being on a waterbed and there was nothing to hold on to. My only thought was to yield to God and wait to see what He would do. Then we took off in our vehicles toward higher ground. It was heartbreaking to see how the people scrambled desperately. We picked up one invalid lady and helped her to safety. The other people with me also helped others to higher ground because the ocean was rising.

God was with us and we finally arrived home and checked over the church; there were only some ceiling tiles that came loose, but nothing serious.

So we are waiting for responses from minister brethren in Constitución , Puyehue , Curanipe , Cobquecura , Lota, Talcahuano , Penco, Tome and Concepción, where there are many believers but as of today they are stranded, without communication.

For now, thank you very much for your inquiries. Shalom

Pstor Jorge Flores - Santiago, Chile

February 27

We are tracking the aftermath of Saturday’s earthquake in Chile, and have been able to make only limited contact with some believers there through intermediaries in Venezuela and Peru.  There are a number of Message churches in the cities of Santiago, Concepcion and Talca, and these were among the most affected areas.  I know some of these pastors quite well, having been to Chile many times.

Even though we do not yet have any details, we do know that after such a devastating earthquake, the brothers & sisters there will be in need our prayers, so with that in mind, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to several of them.  These photos are from just about two years ago.


A church in the city of Concepcion, pastored by brother Rodolfo Alvarez.



Brother Flores (in the light tan suit) pastors a church in the capitol city of Santiago.


From their balcony, the young people prepare to sing a song.


Of these pastors, we have only spoken to brother Cañete, who is reporting that one side of their church is collapsed from the earthquake.

We ask that you join us in praying for these believers, that the Lord will oversee and protect them in the days to come.

This page will be updated over the next several days as new information becomes available.