12/9/2020 Missionary Assistance Update #2

How would you feel if your kitchen had a hole in the Roof? Plans are underway to help fix this house in Honduras, particularly since the family has also opened their home for church services. You may ask, is it worthwhile to patch a few holes in a roof?

Miskito Believers

Brother Virgilio and his family are native Miskitos who live along the edge of Laguna de Caratasca, a large sweet water lagoon near the northern Caribbean coast of Honduras.  Living in a house built on 8-foot stilts, they hold services in the space underneath whenever their pastor, Brother Rafael, can come to them.
(Photo of Brother Virgilio, Sister Glenda and son Christian)

House Church Damage

Here is a side view of their damaged home. Bedroom on the left and kitchen on the right. Note the checked pattern of the table cloth as in the next photo we see it in an inside view of this sister’s kitchen seen through the doorway, the bathroom is still intact.

As you can see, it is evident that these brethren were living on the edge of extreme poverty, lacking even what we would consider the basic necessities of life. The hurricanes have stripped away the little they did have. For this reason, we send not only repair materials, but as we are able, food and money assistance for basic survival.

A Pastor Labors

Brother Rafael, the pastor, who is also an excellent carpenter, will be receiving $1000 to purchase materials for this job.  From his home town of Puerto Lempira, he will transport the supplies to their home, an hour’s boat ride across the lagoon.  He will send us photos of the repairs which he estimates will take 2 days to complete. At that time, if needed, we will send him additional funds to complete the work. As the believers are not willing to lose an opportunity to hear the Word, each evening he will hold services as well, translating for them the Message from Spanish to their native language, moskito.

Safe Arrival

Thank you for your prayers for Brother Maldonado who was featured in the previous update; he safely made his river journey and is at this time in the mountains preaching and organizing the rebuilding.


Those who are assisting in the relief work are also fulfilling the Great Commission: Preaching the Gospel, Distributing Message books and Baptizing those who believe.
(Photo of Brother Rafael baptizing in the ocean, Honduras.)

Other projects are underway and we are continuing to assess the needs. As of today, there are believers who are still isolated due to flooding and infrastructure damage. At this time, we do not yet know the full extent of the needs of the people.

(Photo of Mount Tabor group holding a prized possession, Honduras.)

Thank you for your support and please continue in prayer as the work goes forward. As always, God’s Will be done and may many souls be won to the Kingdom of our Lord.