11/28/2020 Missionary Assistance Update #1

Pray for This Voyage

Brother Maldonado is preparing for his journey to help rebuild homes that have been destroyed in a remote jungle location. He has already traveled 5 hours, meeting Brother Lucas for a scheduled pickup of Church Ages books. His good friend who helped him on the trip is a denominational brother who incidentally now has a brand-new Church Ages book to read.

Photo of Brother Maldonado (left) and his friend

Upon meeting Brother Lucas to pick up the books, he found that the saints in Honduras who had been spared from the storm’s damage had already collected 200 pounds of good used clothing to share

This chain saw will enable the believers to cut lumber for their own homes. It will take some time until replanted crops can be harvested. After their houses have been constructed, timbering using the saw until the crops can be harvested will provide a much-needed source of income.

The purchase of 80 pieces of tin roofing, nails, rice, beans and other basic supplies will complete the load. A truck hired for $33 will carry the supplies some distance to the Patuca River, where the most dangerous part of the journey begins.

The Patuca River

At a cost of about $188 all the supplies and 3 passengers will travel downstream for 8 hours, landing at Saca Clavos where they will be met by others with horses to help carry the supplies up into the jungle.

Nail Puller Tool: Saca Clavos translates to “Nail Puller” (Photo to the right) in English. Travel on the river is especially dangerous just now due to flooding, but traveling on it is a necessity. It provides the only means of transportation into some hurricane devastated areas.

The Patuca River is infamous within Honduras for a section of rapids known as “El Portal del Infierno” or “The Gates of Hell” which are known to have killed many reckless river-goers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patuca_River

Just this week a boat similar to that in which our brothers will travel was wrecked in this area while carrying supplies for these remote and now practically isolated communities.

View Patuca River “Swallows” about 10 Hondurans (Video)

PRAY for the water levels to recede and for safety as Brother Maldonado and 2 others, Lord willing, are planning to undertake their river journey this Monday November 30, 2020.