Healing Thoughts

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Healing Thoughts

The initial idea for this booklet came to Rebekah while she was recovering from surgery and friends from around the world began sending her their favorite faith-building quotes. What a blessing and inspiration those little nuggets from the Message were to her! At first, she kept them in a file folder and would get them out and read them several times a day. Then, one day, she suggested that we gather them into a format that was more transportable, something that she could carry in her purse. And, while we were at it, why not make it available to others who are going through fiery trials of their own?

The result is a small book that we have named Healing Thoughts. It is a compilation of inspiring quotations from the prophet's messages that we believe will help you to stay focused on God's promises by allowing nothing but the Word to correct and control your thoughts. When His thoughts become your thoughts, then “Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

Healing Thoughts is conveniently-sized (5½ x 7½ inches), 63+ pages long, and printed on a non-shiny, high-quality paper that is easy on the eyes, and it includes an introduction that briefly introduces William Branham. We believe that its attractive cover and compelling subject matter will also attract the attention of the general public, and open the door to further inquiry into the life and ministry of God's prophet.

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