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By George Smith

There are many inspiring and amazing stories of William Branham's life that have been told through the years, both by those who knew him well, and through his own preaching. Every time you listen to a sermon, you will probably hear something new - that is, something you may have heard before, but are really understanding for the first time.

Every time you turn the pages of an old photo album, you will probably see something new as well. Maybe it hasn't been opened in years, and the photgraphs - all familiar to you - are exactly as they last were. The 'new' that you are seeing is of course nothing new at all - it has always been there, but as the circumstances of our lives change, we gain new perspective, and new details emerge.

Some of the photographs in this book you may have never seen; others you have doubtless seen many times before. We invite you to turn the pages, to a collection of the unfamiliar, as well as the familiar, and see something 'new' in both.

It is our hope that these glimpses into the prophet's life will deepen your understanding of the messenger, the message that he brought, and the Lord Jesus Christ that he represented, for, as William Branham himself said, "our theme and subject and our heart, and all that we have, and live for is Jesus Christ."

Hardback. 123 pages.

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